• Investigate zebrafish movement and behavior


Larvae activity and movement patterns are basic measurements used in many studies. They can reveal information on stereotypic and epileptic behaviors, circadian rhythmicity, motor control, movement disorders, neural development, and more. 


DanioVision is a complete system designed for exactly these types of experiments with zebrafish larvae, and is often used in studies related to drug development, safety pharmacology, behavioral genetics, and circadian rhythmicity.  

This video gives you a short introduction to DanioVision.


DanioVision is powered by EthoVision XT software (which is included in the system). EthoVision XT in combination with the Observation Chamber and Temperature Control Unit forms the basis of your setup. Several add-ons are available, such as a (colored) Toplight Unit, Tapping Device, or Optogenetics.

The Observation Chamber is a state-of-the-art, compact, and robust solution. It does not have any fragile mirrors and instead features an innovative optical design. Everything about this system is designed to be efficient and effective. It is a high quality product that is basically plug and play.

Observation Chamber

Inside the chamber, the container of choice (e.g. a petri dish or a multi-well plate) is placed on a backlight. In combination with a high quality camera, the infrared light in this backlight makes sure you get the optimal video image for video tracking with EthoVision XT, while at the same time, the wavelength of the LED’s does not affect the swimming behavior or your larvae (Hartmann et al., 2018). The backlight also has holders to make sure your plate or dish is placed in the exact same position every time, making it easy to switch out during the experiment without having to adjust your arena and detection settings in the EthoVision XT software.




The backlight the container is placed on also contains a white light. You can control the timing and intensity of this light with EthoVision XT. For example, you can mimic a day-night cycle or use it as a stimulus.

The DanioVision Observation Chamber also has plenty of room to accommodate additional stimuli, such as tapping, top light, optogenetics, and more. We take custom requests!

You can find recent publications on the DanioVision reference page.